Medical Information/Dietary Needs

Any participant who requires assistance with medical needs should call the office (801-422-3118) one month before ACT and College Prep Camp begins. This will give us time to make special arrangements (dietary, housing, or other). This includes special medical needs such as those for celiac disease (meals for the week), wheelchairs (handicap access), diabetes (refrigerator for insulin), etc.

Medical Treatment (Parental) Release Form

Before a youth can enroll in an ACT and College Prep Camp, his or her parent or guardian must complete the medical release form completely and accurately. The parent/guardian must include his or her full name and emergency phone numbers, including cell phones, home phones, and any other number where he or she can be reached, day or night. Also required are the participant's physician's name and phone numbers and the participant's personal insurance information. 

The parent/guardian must indicate any allergies his or her child has, and any medications the child currently takes. By completing this form, the parent/guardian authorizes ACT and College Prep Camp, or its representatives, to quickly treat his/her child in case of an emergency.

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